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Five Ways to Win Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and for many it’s a wonderful time of romance and love. Unfortunately for others, it can be a poignant reminder of certain performance-related difficulties. Flowers and chocolates are great gifts that every woman loves, but wouldn’t it be nice to take things one step further, just like you used to? Well, believe it or not, you can. Here are five proven solutions to help make 2018 the best Valentine’s Day you’ve had in ages.

  1. We’re all familiar with the little blue pill. And for a lot of guys, it works great – for a while. What’s not often mentioned however, is the fact that ED pills often lose their efficacy over time, or sometimes aren’t effective at all! For cases such as these, we have a range of customized ED treatment plans with proven results.


2. Maybe drugs aren’t right for you because of certain medical conditions, or you simply prefer treatments that take a more natural route. Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat ED with long-lasting results, using your body’s own natural capabilities? WAVE Therapy is the answer you’ve been searching for.


3. Maybe you’re looking for a bit ‘more’? After all, they do say ‘go big or go home’. Despite years of late-night infomercials perhaps convincing you otherwise, there is a way to boost your size – naturally! It’s called the Priapus Shot ®, and has no negative side effects.


4. Instead of performance issues in the moment, perhaps you feel a general malaise, or that you have less energy and drive than you used to. This could be a sign of low testosterone – something that happens to men naturally as they age, and is totally treatable!


5. Finally, if you are happy with your sexual performance and overall mood, then a box of chocolates and bouquet of roses are never a bad idea on Valentine’s Day! Changes in sexual health are often driven by broader underlying health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. More information is available here. 

Tips for Dealing with Premature Ejaculation

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If you are a man struggling with premature ejaculation (PE), you are not alone. PE is common among men of all ages and there are many causes. Just acknowledging that premature ejaculation has become an issue can help improve control and delay ejaculation.  Discover new strategies to prevent PE during sex or masturbation.

Thicker Condoms ­– Do some research online and find a thicker condom brand. Penis sensitivity is one of the most common premature ejaculation causes among men.

The Start-Stop Technique –This is a very common approach to preventing early ejaculation that can be used alone or with your partner. During sex or masturbation, when you start to feel the urge to ejaculate, stop the stimulation for about a minute. Once you have gained control, start again and repeat this whenever the urge arises.

The Squeeze Technique – If the start-stop technique is not for you, try the squeeze technique. Prior to ejaculation, squeeze between the shaft and the glans for about 30 seconds. Some men have reported that practicing the squeeze technique can help with future ejaculation control.

Distraction and Deep Breaths – Other than the abovementioned techniques, there are also some psychological techniques that can help reduce PE. When the sudden urge to ejaculate arises, try distracting yourself with boring thoughts or taking deep breaths to help reduce arousal.

Talk to your doctor if PE symptoms continue or begin to worsen. The experts at Memphis Men’s Clinic can help you with specific Doctor supervised treatments designed to help men with PE.  Contact Memphis Men’s Clinic at (901) 602-3770 for the best erectile dysfunction and PE treatment options.