About Us


Memphis Men’s Clinic specializes in a number of treatments to optimize your sexual health and wellness. Our board-certified physician has over 30 years’ experience treating sexual health issues.

At Memphis Men’s Clinic, we utilize The Memphis Way—a combination of listening to your needs and providing the information and options you need to take back your confidence and sexual vitality. We offer solutions—not temporary fixes—so you can enhance your sexual performance, and those solutions are comprehensive.

The Memphis Way is a treatment plan in which solutions work together synergistically.

Meet Our Doctor

Vernon L. Johnson, M.D.

Dr. Vernon Johnson is a trusted and skilled pelvic surgeon with multidisciplinary training across a range of medical and surgical specialties. He has over 30 years of insight and experience in treating men, women, and couples, enhancing their lives by improving their sexual health.

Dr. Johnson has trained and practiced at some of the top medical institutions in the United States. He is board-certified in both surgical and medical specialties and has been treating sexual health at the Memphis Men’s Clinic since 2014.