Am I a Good Candidate for Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

About 40% of men at the age of 40 are affected by erectile dysfunction (ED). Aside from the frustration of having ED, men will sometimes struggle finding the right ED treatment plan that works for them. This is why Memphis Men’s Clinic provides a variety of ED treatment options including WAVE Therapy and a new, revolutionary platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, the platelet-rich plasma therapy. Read below or call Memphis Men’s Clinic to see if you are a good candidate for platelet-rich plasma therapy.

New ED Treatment. If you have gone through medications that have not delivered satisfying results, it might be time to try out a new treatment with proven results. Studies have shown that the platelet-rich plasma therapy improved erectile function by up to 90% for men with ED*. Memphis Men’s Clinic has seen the effect of this treatment last up to 18 months* and we are prepared to generate a customized treatment plan designed just for you.

Prostate cancer, diabetes, or Peyronie’s disease. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an FDA approved treatment that can be administered by a Memphis Men’s Clinic physician who is trained in the Priapus technique. Some of our patients who have developed ED from prostate issues, prescription side effects or other health-related issues, also reported increased penis girth and length after trying the new PRP treatment*.

Enhanced Penile Growth Potential. We also recommend platelet-rich plasma therapy for men who are looking to enhanced the size of their penis. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is able to enhance the body’s natural abilities to increase blood flow to the penis. Although results may vary, many of our patients have reported larger, firmer, and more sustainable erections after 2-3 weeks of the platelet-rich plasma therapy procedure*.

While aging is a natural part of life, there are natural treatment options for reviving your sexual confidence. Finding the perfect ED treatment can be a time consuming and difficult process, but Memphis Men’s Clinic is here to help. Read our patient testimonials from men who have used platelet-rich plasma therapy to improve erectile function.

*Results may vary