Why Men Don’t Seek Treatment for ED

Despite the emotional discomfort and frustration that comes with erectile dysfunction, many men do not take the time to get professional help treating ED. Men sometimes feel embarrassed when discussing their sexual health and it can be difficult to for them to take steps towards finding solutions that can deliver a more fulfilling sex life.

The following are common reasons why men fail to pursue treating ED along with ways the Men’s Clinic can help:

“If I ignore the problem it will go away.”

Men with erectile dysfunction will sometimes choose to ignore the problem or convince themselves that small symptoms are no big deal. However, ignoring the problem will not make it go away. In addition, erectile dysfunction may an indicator of more serious medical issues like heart disease or diabetes; serious medical conditions that should not be ignored.

Fortunately, help is available. Rather than brushing aside ED, you can schedule an appointment with The Memphis Men’s Clinic as soon as you experience reduced sexual performance and increased anxiety. We are a medial clinic staffed with licensed physicians who specialize in treating men’s sexual health issues located in an office designed to be a safe space just for men. We have an all-male staff that is trained to provide the highest level of care for men’s sexual health.

“Treating ED is a hassle and too painful.”

A common belief about treating ED is that it might be intrusive, uncomfortable and frustrating. Sometimes, the first treatment option is medication, but, depending on the patient and prescription drugs used, medication may fail to do the job. As an alternative, men may turn to surgery or other invasive treatments.

Treating ED does not have to be painful or life-disrupting. WAVE Therapy at the Men’s Clinic is a new, non-invasive, treatment for men with ED and those who have tried PDE-5 treatment without success. The therapy uses acoustical sound waves to stimulate blood vessels and improve blood flow.

“I don’t have the time, money, or resources for treatment.”

                A common reason why men do not seek treatment for their ED is because they feel it is too expensive and time consuming.  Men may not make sexual health a primary priority. Work, chores, and other responsibilities consume much of their time. However, an investment in sexual health is also an investment in a satisfying life and relationship.

While some men believe that treating ED is a painful or impossible process, The Memphis Men’s Clinic has helped thousands of men with effective and painless treatments. We are aware of how life can get in the way and how sexual health can fall to a lower priority. Our clinic and service is designed with your sexual health and privacy in mind. Your first visit at our clinic is all-inclusive, including testing and assessment along with a “test dose” of our medications, all customizable to your needs.