Weight Gain and Men’s Sexual Health

Did you know that excessive weight gain has been linked to sexual health problems for men? There are a number of ways packing on extra pounds may impact your overall health and impair your ability to bring your best to the bedroom. Being overweight can impact confidence, energy level, hormones and sexual function.

How Weight Gain Impacts Sexual Function

Physical and psychological changes that are a result of weight gain can impact sexual performance.  As a result of extreme weight gain, some men have experienced lower energy, decreased self-confidence and low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can decrease libido and may result in impaired erectile function. Testosterone is involved in achieving erections, as it helps increase nitric oxide, a blood vessel dilator in penile tissue. Another result of weight gain is the high levels of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) that are associated with having more body fat. SHBG binds with testosterone. Some doctors believe that the more testosterone that binds to SHBG, the less testosterone is left for libido stimulation.

High cholesterol and diabetes can impact the arteries – and specifically damage arteries in the penis. Extra weight can make blood vessels in the genitals narrow, disrupting blood flow. These conditions can lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. Diabetes is linked to sexual problems as it may reduce blood flow and decrease desire and sexual arousal. Many men with diabetes have some level of ED.

Improving Sexual Performance

If you are overweight, exercise and healthy eating can help boost low testosterone levels. Workouts get the blood flowing to the pelvic area. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that losing 5 percent of body weight can improve erectile function and increase desire. Some experts suggest losing even 10 pounds can help with testosterone production, libido and erectile function.

While losing weight can take time and considerable effort, even changing your diet to control blood sugar and cholesterol can help boost your sex drive. There are also other options to help restore sexual function. You may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, if you are suffering from low testosterone levels. Men continually struggling with ED may want to consider WAVE Therapy, a new painless and drug-free treatment.  To learn more about improving your sexual health visit the Men’s Clinic in Memphis.