An Unusual Culprit of ED: Bicycling

Typically being involved in sports and other physical activities is associated with improving your sex life. Working out produces endorphins that assist with the release of sex hormones and improves blood flow, which can help combat ED. However, when it comes to aggressive bicycling, you should be aware of certain risks to your sexual health.

When your weight is not distributed properly on the bike seat, you may put pressure on the perineum, an area of your body that contains nerves and arteries connected to reproductive organs. The bike seat can create pressure that may inhibit blood flow to an area of your body that is critical for having and sustaining an erection. If you experience penile numbness after intense riding, you may have damaged your pudendal artery. This kind of injury may contribute to temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent ED issues related to biking. Changing to a bike seat that is not as narrow and wearing padded biking shorts can help distribute pressure. Adjusting the height of the seat can prevent you from being in a position where the legs are totally extended and more pressure is put on the perineum. Finally, taking breaks and shifting positions throughout longer rides can help prevent injuries.