Wave Therapy

Acoustic WAVE Therapy for ED

Now offering WAVE Therapy, a revolutionary new treatment for ED that’s entirely medicine-free!

Looking for a painless, effective, and drug-free solution to erectile dysfunction? WAVE Therapy is a service offered by Memphis Men’s Clinic that could be just the solution for you. This treatment provides long-lasting improvement for erectile function and sexual health.

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What is WAVE Therapy?

Acoustic WAVE Therapy involves a series of painless treatments that help men obtain stronger and more sustainable erections without the use of sedation, medication, or surgery.

During treatment, gentle and low-energy acoustic wave pulses are applied to different areas of the penis in order to trigger a healing response that “wakes up” dormant stem cells and growth factors, improving blood flow to the area. The release of growth factors stimulates the creation of new blood vessels in the cavernous bodies as well as the overall rejuvenation of erectile tissue.

Acoustic WAVE Therapy is an Effective Form of ED Treatment

Whether you’ve tried conventional drug therapy or you’ve never sought treatment before for ED, this new treatment has delivered success for countless men across Memphis and beyond.

  • In clinical tests, EDWT has shown significant long-term effectiveness. These results are confirmed by a double-blind placebo-controlled study of a large group of patients
  • According to the Scandinavian Journal of Urology, WAVE Therapy could be the first therapy to have the potential to be a rapid and curative therapy for ED with no side effects
  • The American Journal of Urology says the therapy’s rehabilitative characteristics make it an attractive new option for men with ED

We are confident that we can find a “Memphis Way” treatment option that allows you to start enjoying the excitement of sex again! Contact us to talk to a physician about how you can boost your sexual performance with ED treatment at our men’s health clinic near you.

Benefits of Acoustic WAVE Therapy

Are you interested in improving ED without using medication? You may be eligible to receive the breakthrough WAVE Therapy in Memphis. This treatment can boost your sexual confidence by rejuvenating and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, allowing the body to repair itself.

Your WAVE Therapy treatment will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Simple, in-office procedure with each treatment taking 20-30 minutes
  • Drug-free and surgery-free treatment
  • Little to no known side effects
  • Long-lasting results with little to no downtime

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)? Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Aging

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual disorder that occurs more frequently with age. The reason for this is that the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis can begin to close up and decay, disrupting the ability to maintain an erection.

Men struggling with ED find it difficult to achieve an erection firm enough to sustain sexual intercourse. Even with sexual stimulation, some men may still be unable to stay aroused.

Visit our ED clinic in Memphis to discover ways to improve your sexual performance. We have multiple erectile dysfunction treatment plans available including WAVE Therapy in Memphis.

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If you want to treat your ED naturally and enjoy a rich, fulfilling sex life once again, WAVE Therapy is a true breakthrough in men’s health.

You don’t have to be embarrassed because this is what we do! Our all-male team of dedicated sexual health professionals are here to find the best possible answer for your ED issues because we have helped countless men in your situation before. Our urologists are even prepared to partner with your primary care physician.

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