Common Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

As soon as symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) start to appear, many men will begin asking about and searching for information regarding causes and cures. Despite the many resources available, there are still many myths associated with ED that can sometimes discourage men from paying attention to their sexual health or finding treatment.

Here are the most common myths and facts about erectile dysfunction.

Myth: ED is not a normal and natural part of aging for males.

Fact: Many men will experience erectile dysfunction. There are over 50 million men in the US who experience ED symptoms such as decreased sex drive, difficulty maintaining an erection and getting an erection. In fact 40% of men over 50 experience these symptoms.

Myth: Going to a clinic is unnecessary, because erectile dysfunction does not warrant speaking to a doctor.

Fact: Although ED itself is not dangerous, erectile dysfunction may be a sign of more serious medical problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. It is important to keep track of your sexual health and regularly check in with your doctor if you experience any symptoms of ED.

Myth: The only way to treat ED is with pills or surgery.

There are many treatment options for erectile dysfunction. The Memphis Men’s Clinic specializes in ED treatment and on the comfort and privacy of its patients when providing treatment for men’s sexual health in Memphis, TN. We offer many ED treatment options including WAVE Therapy, a new non-invasive treatment for ED.

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