The Best Diet for Increasing Testosterone

You are what you eat, so it’s no surprise that your diet has a major effect on how you feel. Being overweight, or eating an unhealthy diet can lead to unbalanced hormones – particularly a drop in testosterone levels. For a man, losing testosterone has a whole host of negative impacts on everyday life. You’ll feel sluggish and tired, gain weight, and even see a decrease in sexual performance. Making changes in your diet is a great first step towards increasing your testosterone levels and feeling great.

Cut the Sugar

Excess sugar in the diet isn’t good for anyone, but for men it can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels as well. Eating too much sugar forces your body to produce more insulin than you normally would. This insulin production means that testosterone is not being produced in the same amounts. Cutting out processed carbs and sticking with whole grains and veggies for your daily carb intake will improve hormone levels over time.

Eat Healthy Fat

Healthy fats, like those found in nuts and fish, have been shown to help men maintain healthy testosterone levels. Including more of these foods in your diet can also increase heart and brain health, which can help you improve your sexual performance as well. Add healthy fats to your diet by eating avocados, fish, nuts, organic dairy products, olive or coconut oil, and grass-fed meat.

Get Enough Vitamins

Two of the most important vitamins for men are zinc and vitamin D. Vitamin D helps men maintain semen quality and sperm count, while zinc aids your body in testosterone production. Add zinc to your diet by consuming more foods like meat, fish, yogurt, and beans. If you don’t get enough sun exposure to maintain vitamin D levels, taking D3 supplements can help.

If you think you are experiencing Low T in Jackson, Tennessee, making changes to your diet can help. You should also make an appointment with Memphis Men’s Clinic to get tested for Low-T and find a treatment plan that works for you. Contact us today for more information.