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At Memphis Men's Clinic in Memphis, TN, we understand the sensitive nature of discussing erectile dysfunction (ED) and the impact it can have on one's quality of life. If you are experiencing ED, we have a variety of erectile dysfunction treatment options to help restore your sexual confidence and improve your overall quality of life. In this blog post, we will delve into the various causes of ED and the role of low testosterone in this common condition.

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Memphis Men's Clinic prioritizes patient care and well-being. We take pride in helping men improve their health and quality of life. But don't just take our word for it — our patients' testimonials speak volumes about the positive outcomes they have experienced after seeking help from Memphis Men's Clinic. If this sounds like something you need, request an appointment today!

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Dr. Vernon Johnson, an erectile dysfunction specialist at Memphis Men’s Clinic, brings more than 30 years of experience to the field of men's sexual health issues. He and his team are committed to men's health issues. Request an appointment today!

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Men's health is an important aspect that often gets overlooked. At Memphis Men's Clinic, our team led by Dr. Vernon Johnson is committed to providing care for men, including sexual health treatments. In this post, we discuss tips for keeping up with your wellness to ensure a healthy and fulfilling life.

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At the Memphis Men's Clinic, we understand the importance of men's sexual health and strive to provide effective treatments tailored to each individual's needs. Our team, led by Dr. Vernon Johnson, has over 30 years of experience in treating conditions such as low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Our mission is to increase awareness and normalize discussions around sexual health treatment while providing exceptional care to those in need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Sexual health clinic visits are important for men of all ages and genders. While the primary focus of these visits is to promote and maintain sexual wellness, there are numerous benefits that extend beyond just physical health. At Memphis Men’s Clinic, we’re proud to treat all kinds of men, but who exactly benefits from regular visits to a sexual health clinic? Keep reading to learn more.

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Memphis Men's Clinic is a men's health clinic that provides proven treatment options for low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. At our clinic, our team knows that men are more than capable of performing when the time is right and when they’re healthy! Our clinical team can help revive your sexual self-confidence and let results do the talking, and our proactive approach is key in providing our patients with the best care possible.

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If you are seeking effective treatment options for men's health issues like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation, wave therapy, or PRP therapy, look no further than Memphis Men’s Clinic. As a leading men's health clinic in Memphis, we offer a range of specialized treatments to address your concerns.

Read on for answers to some common questions about our treatment options, including erectile dysfunction treatment in Memphis, the role of erectile dysfunction specialists in Memphis, and the comprehensive care provided at our men's health clinic.

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can significantly impact the quality of life for both individuals and couples. It can lead to emotional and psychological distress, relationship issues, and diminished self-confidence. Fortunately, there is hope, thanks to the availability of effective erectile dysfunction treatments offered by Memphis Men’s Clinic, your trusted specialized men's health clinic.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of erectile dysfunction education for individuals and couples, and how seeking the expertise of an erectile dysfunction specialist in Memphis can make a significant difference.


At The Johnson Center: Memphis Men's Clinic, a haven for men's sexual health. Our compassionate approach, coupled with advanced medical expertise, offers more than just treatments; we offer a new lease on life. Let's explore how visiting our clinic can be a transformative experience.


Welcome to The Johnson Center’s Memphis Men's Clinic blog, where today we go into the remarkable impact of the Memphis Men's Clinic on men's health. Renowned as a leading erectile dysfunction specialist, our clinic stands as a beacon of hope and healing, transforming the lives of countless men through personalized healthcare.

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Consistency is key when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction (ED). That’s why Memphis Men’s Clinic is here to discuss the importance of staying on track with your ED treatment plan and the various options available. Our team of erectile dysfunction specialists is committed to providing men's healthcare and comprehensive treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Whether you’re out of mediation or interested in a different treatment, schedule an appointment today!

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects many men worldwide. While its impact within the bedroom is well-known, there are several other areas of a man's life that can be affected by ED. In this blog post, we will explore four key areas where erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact. To discuss effective erectile dysfunction treatment options, contact our team at Memphis Men’s Clinic now.

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Struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a daunting experience, but the good news is that many cases of ED are curable. Understanding the root causes and available treatments can empower individuals to take charge of their sexual health and restore their confidence.

At Memphis Men's Clinic in Tennessee, we specialize in ED treatment, and our patient’s health and safety is our top priority. Reach out to us today so we can learn how we can assist you.


Are you struggling with low self-esteem? Do you have performance anxiety? Memphis Men’s Clinic may be able to help. Conditions such as low testosterone, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction can erode your confidence and make it challenging to be confident in the bedroom, but with treatment, your confidence and sex drive can be restored!

If you are tired of struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, contact Memphis Men’s Clinic today, and let our specialists develop a personalized treatment plan to bring back your confidence! Request an Appointment Today.

Conditions That Can Contribute to a Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence can be caused by a variety of things, from weight gain and the loss of a relationship to depression...


Preparing for a new relationship is challenging at any age, but can be especially difficult for men of all ages who may be suffering from underlying issues such as erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and premature ejaculation.

Memphis Men’s Clinic, a total men’s health clinic, specializes in providing comprehensive, effective treatment options for men’s health conditions. Our holistic, hands-on approach can help you function better than ever, make sure that you are bringing the best “you” to every relationship, and ensure that you...


Turning to aphrodisiacs, which stimulate sexual desire, is an age-old way to naturally help boost your sex drive and combat erectile dysfunction. While consistent problems related to sexual performance often require treatment to see significant improvement, it can never hurt to supplement your diet with these fruits and vegetables that can have been linked to positive side effects like increased libido, testosterone production and blood flow.

Go Green

There are certain aphrodisiacs most people are familiar with. You’ve probably overheard people mention how chocolate, red wine and oysters can get you “in the mood.” But there are some tasty items that are less well known for their link to sexual arousal. Adding asparagus and avocado to your diet is one way to...


When it comes to testosterone, some men do not realize the importance of monitoring healthy levels. Testosterone plays a key role in general health, balancing stress hormones, and body composition. However, at around 40, some men will begin to see a sharp decline in testosterone levels that can sometimes negatively affect their overall health. Memphis Men’s Clinic is here to give you some lifestyle changes, you can start today, to help maintain healthy testosterone levels:

Pay attention to what you eat/drink

This does not mean you have to keep track of all your meals in a journal, but it is a good idea to pay attention to what you are putting in your body in the first place. There are many studies from prominent health journals that have found a variety of...


Male enhancement has always been geared toward men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. But at Memphis Men’s Clinic we believe that enhancement shouldn’t just be for men who struggle with performance issues or loss of libido. We think that men everywhere should be able to give themselves a little boost, even if they aren’t dealing with symptoms of ED.

Enter platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or Priapus®, is an all-natural treatment that has a number of benefits for all men. Here are three reasons to consider platelet-rich plasma therapy.


The little blue pill recently turned 20 years old. Since it’s initial launch in March of 1998, Viagra has generated over $17 billion worth of revenue and become a social and cultural phenomenon.

But things have changed since 1998. People don’t use dial-up to access the internet, bucket hats aren’t cool, and pills are no longer the best option on the market if you suffer from ED.

If you’re considering treatment for erectile dysfunction, here’s three approaches that have kept up with the times and may be more effective than popping a...


When men experience mood swings, the feelings can often be overlooked or completely swept under the rug. Here are some tips for men who notice changes in their emotional health:

  • Monitor your daily mood with a journal. Find a small journal that is easy to transport. As you progressively track your mood over weeks, you might be able to notice certain situations or times of the day that trigger emotional changes. Don’t forget to track the good moods, as well as the bad.
  • Seek out help through a men’s sexual health clinic. Some men can experience emotional swings as a result of having low testosterone (low-t). Schedule a testosterone assessment at Memphis Men’s Clinic to see if testosterone replacement therapy in Jackson, TN is right for you.
  • Make small lifestyle...

If you are a man struggling with premature ejaculation (PE), you are not alone. PE is common among men of all ages and there are many causes. Just acknowledging that premature ejaculation has become an issue can help improve control and delay ejaculation. Discover new strategies to prevent PE during sex or masturbation.

Thicker Condoms ­– Do some research online and find a thicker condom brand. Penis sensitivity is one of the most common premature ejaculation causes among men.

The Start-Stop Technique –This is a very common approach to preventing early ejaculation that can be used alone or with your partner. During sex or masturbation, when you start to...


As soon as symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) start to appear, many men will begin asking about and searching for information regarding causes and cures. Despite the many resources available, there are still many myths associated with ED that can sometimes discourage men from paying attention to their sexual health or finding treatment.

Here are the most common myths and facts about erectile dysfunction.

Myth: ED is not a normal and natural part of aging for males.

Fact: Many men will experience erectile dysfunction. There are over 50 million men in the US who experience ED symptoms such as decreased sex drive, difficulty maintaining an erection and getting an erection. In fact 40% of men over 50 experience these symptoms.



Typically being involved in sports and other physical activities is associated with improving your sex life. Working out produces endorphins that assist with the release of sex hormones and improves blood flow, which can help combat ED. However, when it comes to aggressive bicycling, you should be aware of certain risks to your sexual health.

When your weight is not distributed properly on the bike seat, you may put pressure on the perineum, an area of your body that contains nerves and arteries connected to reproductive organs. The bike seat can create pressure that may inhibit blood flow to an area of your body that is critical for having and sustaining an erection. If you experience penile numbness after intense riding, you may have damaged your pudendal artery. This kind of...


Visiting the doctor can be an unpleasant experience. Some offices are noisy and have long wait times. Others have loud front desk receptionists that blurt out questions about test results or uncomfortable medical information with little care for the small crowd that may be listening in a waiting room. When you make an appointment at the Memphis Men’s Clinic you will have an entirely different experience – one where your privacy is respected and the staff is focused on providing the highest level of care.

What makes our office unique is our commitment to making our patients comfortable, from providing discreet signage to respecting the privacy of your personal information. We employ an all-male staff with friendly and understanding professionals available to answer your questions....


Have you been experiencing chronic fatigue and excessive weakness? This may be related to low testosterone levels, commonly called Low T. The demands of work, home and everyday life can be tough to meet when your energy levels are low. As your health and mood are altered by weighty feelings, a lack of motivation and the heaviness of lethargy, daily activities become enormous obstacles.

Low testosterone levels have the potential to alter not only your sense of well-being and physical fitness, and your sexual Libido as well. As testosterone levels decrease, the interest in and desire for sex begins to falter. Testosterone is an essential hormone that contributes to the development of muscles, the size of the penis and testes, bone strength and sexual interest.

Some men may...


You’ve probably seen a million ads about increasing your low testosterone levels. Awareness of Low-T is increasing and while it may seem like a scam, chronically low testosterone levels can cause a number of health issues such as erectile dysfunction, depression, a drop in fertility, decreased libido, decreased muscle mass, and increased fat storage. This doesn’t mean you should go out and buy the latest “ultra man boosting” pills, because you definitely shouldn’t. But you should be concerned about whether or not your habits are to blame. In this case, we’re focusing on endurance training.

How Can Exercise Be Bad?

Exercise is not bad, but the type of exercising you do can affect your hormone levels. In men, endurance training has been linked with lower...


As men age, they often find that they just can’t perform in the bedroom like they used to. Whether you deal with erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, or any number of other issues, it can be difficult to maintain the sex life you’re used to. Many men rely on a certain little blue pill when they need to, but this is a temporary solution to a long term problem.

Why Does Sex become Difficult after 40?

After the age of 40, your chances of developing erectile dysfunction significantly increase. That’s because your body is going through andropause – a stage in a man’s life where his testosterone levels begin to fall. What that little blue pill does is treat a symptom of andropause. It doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which are your fluctuating hormone...


When you think about low testosterone, a condition also known as Low-T, you probably think of problems in the bedroom. While Low-T does cause sexual health problems like loss of libido and erectile dysfunction, it also affects your overall health in a major way. What most men think of as age-related conditions could actually be a symptom of Low-T. So when should you start seeking low testosterone treatments in Tennessee?

If you’re over the age of 30

Testosterone levels slowly begin to decline by as much as 1% per year once a man reaches the age of 30. This is referred to in the men’s health community as andropause. If you smoke or drink, are overweight, are frequently under...


Today’s world is full of stressful situations, both at work and at home. Excessive levels of stress can lead to a lot of problems with your health, including things like heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, obesity, and even excess alcohol consumption. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction, either directly or through the health conditions we mentioned before.

On Its Own – High stress prompts your adrenal glands to start pumping out a hormone called cortisol. Because your body thinks it is in danger, testosterone, which is a sex hormone, becomes much less of a priority. This dip in testosterone levels, especially if it is prolonged, can lead to erectile dysfunction.

If you suffer from performance anxiety in the bedroom, this can...


As you age, you may begin to find that your performance in the bedroom is less than stellar. You may be experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction, or maybe your penis just doesn’t look as youthful as it once did. If you find yourself losing interest in sex because your confidence is suffering, you should look into platelet-rich plasma therapy.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) is an FDA approved treatment that is administered by your doctor. We use platelet-rich plasma to enhance sexual sensation, increase penis girth and length, straighten the penis, and restore a more youthful appearance to your penis. Because there is no surgery involved, and because it is an all-natural treatment, there are no scary side-effects involved. The...


Premature ejaculation is a touchy subject for most men. You’ve probably been given advice to “just think about baseball” more than once – and frankly, it doesn’t help. The only way to really cure premature ejaculation is to get to the root of the problem. So what causes PE?

Psychological Issues

While no one is sure exactly why premature ejaculation occurs, there are some psychological factors that may play a role in your PE:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Early Sexual Experiences
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Feelings of Guilt
  • Poor Body Image

In addition to these problems, issues within your relationship could also be affecting your ability to delay orgasm during sex.

Medical Issues

If you are not...


If you’ve got Low T, you’ve probably experienced a drop in sexual desire and performance, a lack of energy, and possibly some other health issues resulting from imbalanced hormones. Luckily, the doctors at Memphis Men’s Clinic can treat your Low T with testosterone replacement therapy near Jackson, TN. The benefits of the treatment are incredible:

More Energy

One of the symptoms of Low T is a significant decrease in energy. Most of the patients at our men’s clinic experience an increase in energy, happiness, improved mental clarity, and an enhanced enthusiasm for life. You’ll feel young and vital and ready to take on the world. Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you...


You are what you eat, so it’s no surprise that your diet has a major effect on how you feel. Being overweight, or eating an unhealthy diet can lead to unbalanced hormones – particularly a drop in testosterone levels. For a man, losing testosterone has a whole host of negative impacts on everyday life. You’ll feel sluggish and tired, gain weight, and even see a decrease in sexual performance. Making changes in your diet is a great first step towards increasing your testosterone levels and feeling great.

Cut the Sugar

Excess sugar in the diet isn’t good for anyone, but for men it can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels as well. Eating too much sugar forces your body to produce more insulin than you normally would. This insulin production means that...


Low Testosterone, commonly referred to as Low T, is characterized by a set of symptoms that are easily confused for a variety of other health issues. It is easily diagnosed with a simple blood test, which is provided during your first visit to the Memphis Men’s Clinic, but many men may live their lives without ever wondering if their health problems could be caused by Low T. Symptoms include:

  • Loss of Sex Drive
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Loss and Weight Gain
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Memory Loss
  • Depression
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Hair Loss
  • Irritable Male Syndrome

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or a combination of any of these, it may be time to seek treatment. Once you’ve determined that you have Low T, it’s time...


When you walk into our Memphis men’s clinic, you will feel completely at ease. We know that sexual health is a difficult subject to talk about, so we have gone the extra mile to make our office comfortable, welcoming, and discreet. Every part of the experience is catered towards you:


No one wants to advertise that they are dealing with sexual health problems – that’s why we designed our clinic to blend in with the surrounding medical offices. The signage is nondescript to ensure your privacy.

All-Male Staff

For your comfort, we hire an all-male staff. Male staff members will understand what you are going through...